Element-Nitrogen Chemistry

Our New Approach

Our group is especially interested in

  • CN
  • EN (E = element of group 15)
  • SN

chemistry with the focus on binary cyclic and acyclic species which can be either ions (cations or anions) or neutral systems. To achieve this goal we have developed a new [3+2] cycloaddition reaction which utilizes disguised 1,3 dipoles and/or dipolarophiles. Hence prior to the cyclization one or more eliminations steps are necessary. Moreover, our research is focussed on small molecule activation by utilizing four-membered E2N2 biradicaloids developed in our group.


Kinetic Protection - Bulky Groups

Since binary EN compounds are mostly thermodynamically unstable species, kinetic protection is needed to stabilize binary EN compounds. Here we use well-estabilished bulky groups such as the terphenyl, supermesityl or hypersilyl group.


Stabilization of Strong Electrophiles - Weakly Coordinating Cations/Anions

In case of binary EN ions, the counterion must fullfil two criterions:

  • It must be chemically inert.
  • It should be weakly coordinating.