Molecule Chemistry - Main group Chemistry

The primary goal of our work is to make very simple isolatable classes of compounds in the field of CN-, EN- (E = element of group 15), SN as well as halogen and pseudohalogen chemistry that chemists would consider not preparable based on generally accepted views and past experience (For more details please click the area of interest in the above header). In combined experimental and theoretical studies our

Major Areas of Research Are

•The synthesis, structure and reactivity of novel binary CN-, EN- and SN halogen and pseudohalogen compounds (E = element of group 15).

•The determination of the molecular structure of inorganic complexes by X-ray diffraction, Raman, IR and NMR spectroscopy.

•The better understanding of structure and reactivity relations.

In comparison between experiment and theory (ab initio and DFT methods) we investigate:

Current Research Topics


One Last Remark: Small Molecules Are Still Hot - although often said to be dead.