Ionic Liquids - Weakly Coordinating Anions

We are interested in the synthesis and characterization of new Ionic Liquids (salt with a melting point < 100°C). The key to ILs is

  • delocalization of charge
  • symmetry decrease
  • large conformational space

Delocalization is achieved by the utilization of weakly coordinating anions. Hence, our research has mainly focused on the preparation of new resonance stabilized methanides and amides as well as the anion design.

Moreover, we use ILs as (unusual) reaction media for the synthesis of novel pseudohalogen compounds. For example, the utilization of Ionic Liquids (ILs) with non-innocent anions and cations leads to new pseudohalogen borates, silicates and phosphates. As non-innocent anions are used either decomposable ions such as carbonates ([CO2(OMe)]), borates ([B(OMe)3A], [B(OMe)4]; with A = pseudohalogen, e.g. CN, SCN, N3), silicates ([Si(OMe)4A]) and phosphates ([OP(OMe)3A]) or the highly nucleophilic (pseudo)halides, which also form ILs with corresponding organic cations.