MOF based Catalysts - Catalyst Design


The main goal is to evaluate and establish the catalytic potential of nanoporous 3d metal-organic frameworks (MOFs). This project combines the syntheses of functionalized MOFs with the rational design of porous systems in order to prepare new selective MOF-based heterogeneous catalysts. The project splits into three interacting parts (see figures): (i) synthesis and functionalization of frameworks with included catalytic sites (as part of the framework) which will be accompanied by the study of the crystal growing process/particle size distribution and the investigation of the porosity by means of sorption methods, (ii) frameworks as supports for catalytic active components – noble metal particles and immobilized homogeneous catalysts (e.g. IR-MOF, ZMOF, MIL), and (iii) the catalytic testing of these new catalysts in a series of standard organic reactions. Besides application in catalysis, MOFs can be utilized as frameworks in tissue engineering and purification processes. The latter two applications are also in the focus of our research, in collaborations with groups from biology and engineering.